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If you wish, you may make a request and authorization for research by phone, mail, fax, or email.  It is not necessary to make a formal, written request for research -- for example, if you make a request verbally by phone, you may authorize a credit card payment by phone as well.  However, if you do wish to make a written authorization, feel free to print out our suggested form, or use a similar format of your own. In any case, our form can serve as a guide regarding the sort of information which it is helpful for me to have. All requests for research -- written or verbal -- will receive a written confirmation.

Keep in mind that I need data concerning the individual about whom information is sought. For example, if tracing ancestry, this would be the earliest known person in the line. Provide the following details, if they are known, and as precisely as they are known: Full name at birth; exact place and date of birth as possible; spouse(s) name(s); date(s) and place(s) of marriage(s); occupation(s); religious ties; residences with dates; date and place of death; military service; children (and birthdates or relative ages); parents (and dates).

If you order by mail:

Visit my charge card site a printable form with which you may mail a payment using your American Express, Mastercard, or Visa account.

fngpnt_b.gif Follow this link for information to order by phone.

Thanks very much for your business!

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