How to Contact Me

phone.gif - 6.1 KVoice Telephone: 1-800-634-5399
Please feel free to use this toll free number, accessible from anywhere in North America, 24 hours a day.
When I am away from my desk, an answering machine will take your message. I'll be happy to take or return calls at times which are convenient for you, including weekends, evenings, etc.

desktop.gif - 2 KE-Mail:
Since you are a computer user, we can communicate with e-mail using the address above. In fact, if your browser supports "mailto", you can just click on that address here, and send me a message right now. This is often the easiest way to reach me since I have a portable notebook computer which is with me whenever I am on the road.

faxmach.gif - 24.7 KFax: 1-413-458-8066
My fax machine is on 24-hours a day. Here too, I can access my faxes from the road, so send information and messages any time!

malicon.gif - 1.1 KThe Good Ol' U.S. Postal Service:

Mark K. Windover
446 Hancock Road
Williamstown, MA 01267-3010

This is the regular mailing address for my office. We virtually never have any problems with the mail delivery, so while this is perhaps the slowest way to communicate, it will do just fine! to Home Page          Hiring Me          My Background, Fees, and Services